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as a vertically-integrated real estate investment, re-development, and operating company. Delma was founded as a vehicle to give it's owners access to high return US and Canadian real estate investments and subsequently attracted other investors through the success of its portfolio. By continuing to invest a substantial amount of our own capital in our properties, Delma further aligns its interests with those of its investors. Delma's corporate structure includes acquisitions, asset management, property management and dispositions.

For the past seventeen years, Delma has acquired, operated, and managed income-producing properties in the United States and Canada. Delma is headquartered in New York City and has property management offices in Miami, Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and Baltimore, Maryland. Delma has an outstanding track record, having acquired a diverse portfolio, both in geographical location and in product type, of over $375 million in assets at cost, including office buildings, multi-family rental apartments and condominiums, anchored shopping centers, hotels, and securities in private real estate companies.

Delma has demonstrated a history of creating significant value for investors by acquiring undervalued properties and repositioning these assets. Unlike many of its competitors, Delma has the unique advantage of co-investing substantial amounts of its Principals' capital in all assets, thereby aligning the interests of Delma and its Principals with those of the investors.