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The successful exploitation of these opportunities requires expertise in various real estate sectors and investment strategies, relationships with corporations, financial institutions, property companies, property investors, and an experienced management team. Delma believes that it offers the best of these attributes as well as the following competitive advantages:

  • Willingness to Commit Capital. Delma has demonstrated a history of creating significant value for investors by acquiring undervalued properties and repositioning assets. Delma was founded in 1990 as a vehicle to invest its owner's capital and, through the success of its previous four Funds, has subsequently attracted other investors' capital over the years. Unlike many of the competitors, Delma's principals have committed to a significant level of co-investment in its Funds, thereby aligning its interests with those of its investors.
  • Established Network for Sourcing Investment Opportunities. Delma has significant investment experience in select markets in the United States where it has key relationships with major principals, brokers, leasing agents, and lenders throughout the real estate industry. Delma focuses on acquiring assets in those markets where Delma believes it has a competitive advantage and where management believes attractive investment opportunities exist. Delma monitors other markets depending on changing market conditions, alliances with new principals, brokers, leasing agents and lenders, or the availability of attractive investment opportunities outside targeted markets.
  • Focus on Small Cap Opportunities. Delma's strategy is to be a niche investor focused on less competitive investments, including smaller deals, value-added investments, redevelopment/repositioning opportunities, and/or special situations. By targeting smaller investments (ranging typically between $10 million to $60 million), Delma believes it has established a niche for its Funds where it would avoid competing directly with the larger institutional investors and opportunity funds.
  • Flexible Investment Approach. In contrast to many larger corporate-sponsored real estate funds, Delma has the flexibility to perform its due diligence rapidly and obtain investment approval quickly. This flexibility, coupled with its extensive network of contacts, enables Delma to identify and close transactions before they are marketed broadly to the competition. Delma's flexible approach allows it to be creative and entrepreneurial as it acquires assets.
  • Property Management. Investors in Delma's Funds benefit from the expertise of the Management Team since Delma historically has assumed direct management of many of its investments and has a strong, demonstrated track record of success in maximizing value through property management